Featuring JemInEye Incantations & Prrrisma with Shaman's Dream

Sound is the most powerful tool we have for transmutation and healing. Waves of sound and vibration are ever present in our world, and can have a powerful affect on our physical and energetic bodies. Join JemInEye Incantations and Ixchel Prrisma on a guided journey through sound. We will traverse the realms of mind, body, and spirit through activating sound frequencies. We will honor each of the elements and directions by moving through the medicine wheel, and focus on the specific energies of each element along the way. This journey will also include a participatory practice of moving stuck or "misqualified" energies out of our bodies and fields through the use of sound as a tool for transmutation.  This is an opportunity to clear the aspects of ourselves that are no longer serving us, to make room to receive the pure and healing frequencies of sound. Personal sound baths with didgeridoo, singing bowl, and Amazonian Icaros will be offered to integrate this new frequency. 

This journey will incorporate chants, icaros, spoken word and poetry, channeled messages, and sound healing instruments such as didgeridoo, singing bowls, chimes, and tuning forks.