Greetings Family we are being asked by the The building Owners to maintain an impeccable presence Tonight. This a Great opportunity show we can get down and RESPECT this space so PLEASE:: No Alcohol and Smoking Should be Away from the Entrance of the Building:: We Are Bring such a good energy lets show em we can keep it clean. Seriously this line up is enough to get you Higher than you can Imagine lets shed old paradigms and bring the light.

Bonus 1/2 off for Early bird Yoginis who attend Amber Campion class from 6:45:815

In Addition to these great Musician we will feature An amazing Crystal Tea lounge by Ron Jon Featuring the Art Of Julia Miho Nakamura and Adrian Rasmussen

8:30pm Grand Opening Invocation by Divinitree Owner and Co Creator Ann Averbach

845:kundalini Gong Activation led by Naomi

9:00pm NEW DAWN ceremony led by Eve Olution ft. JemIneye Incantations w Didge and singing bowls

9:30pm Theta Hip Hop Resonance with Ra-Be

10:00pm Chlorophil Ecstatic Dance Set

11:00pm Sound portal explosion ft. All star Didge players Gongs by Danny Goldberg Drummers and dancers

11:11pm BIRDS OF PARADISE!!!!! W Full Color Spectrum Visuals

1:00am KR3TURE